Workshop: Outsmart, Not Outspend: Data-Driven Advertising Strategies

Konstantin Yankov, Director Advertising, VertoDigital; Denislav Hadzhiminev, Data & Analytics specialist, VertoDigital
60 mins
  1. How to turn the data into an unfair advantage for you
  2. Turning wasted budget into attributed pipeline - the architecture of data-driven strategy
  3. 1st vs 3rd party data - why you should trust your 1st party data as your best bidding partner
  4. How to build an infrastructure for data-driven strategies
  5. How to utilize your data driven infrastructure for advertising
  6. See the big picture - no complex reporting - dashboard with all connectors

Please note that the workshop is available only live at Sofia Event Center and will not be recorded. To book your spot for the workshop, you must have a valid Onsite ticket registration for Digitalk 2024.

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