Privacy by Design: The benefits of putting people in control

How can brands deliver responsible marketing thatโ€™s private by design and performance enhancing by default
Spyros Plessas, Platforms Partner Manager, CEE, Google Marketing Platform and Zoran Arsovski, Managing Director&Chief Growth Officer, VertoDigital
High B-Level & C-Level. Marketing, IT, Business Insight & Strategy Teams, Legal Representatives
60 mins

Global data protection laws have undergone many changes in recent years, driven at least in part by a rise in user expectations. Combined with a decrease in browser support for third-party cookies, these changes have led marketers to find new ways of reaching and measuring their audiences. By embracing predictive marketing and harnessing the power of first party data, businesses can use AI and contextual advertising to better understand their customers.

This session will explore changes in the privacy landscape, helping you assess the impact these changes will have on your organisation, and the steps you can take to increase privacy-readiness. By the end of the session, you will have created a bespoke privacy roadmap and a clear plan to action it.

Beyond covering the findings of Google/Ipsos EMEA Research on the commercial benefits to getting privacy right, you will hear a fireside discussion between Spyros Plessas, Platforms Partner Manager, CEE at Google and Zoran Arsovski, CEO at VertoDigital, the first Privacy Certified Partner in Bulgaria, and walk you through a framework to enter the new world of measurement.


Who is this session for:

High B-Level & C-Level.

Marketing, IT, Business Insight & Strategy Teams, Legal Representatives


Please note that the workshop is available only live at Sofia Event Center. To book your spot for the workshop, you must have a valid Onsite ticket registration for Digitalk 2023.

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