Workshop: Artificial Intelligence - Hype or Reality

Demystify AI's role in daily life, exploring its benefits and challenges
Svetoslav Spasov, CEO, KPMG ITS and Ivan Vlaevski, Head of the Software Engineering Department, KPMG IT Service
90 mins

Join our insightful workshop, "Artificial Intelligence - Hype or Reality". We aim to demystify AI's role in daily life, exploring its benefits and challenges.

Participants will join one of five workgroups:

1. Quality - Discover how AI can enhance quality control without replacing human responsibility, and how resource optimization can lead to quality improvement.

2. Efficiency - Learn about AI's potential to streamline decision-making processes, boost efficiency, and improve accuracy, while acknowledging the crucial role humans play in applying insights.

3. Results - Explore AI automation's capacity to handle repetitive tasks, freeing humans for more creative endeavors, while ensuring human creativity isn't overshadowed.

4. Cyberization - Discuss cyberization, its potential to augment human capabilities, and the challenges it poses, such as privacy concerns and potential loss of human skills.

5. Magic - Delve into the concept of AI decentralization, its role in fostering communication, collaboration, and the creation of 'magical' experiences.

Join us to navigate AI's intricate pathways, balancing human ingenuity and AI's transformative potential. Together, we will discern if AI is a hype or our reality.

Please note that the workshop is available only live at Sofia Event Center. To book your spot for the workshop, you must have a valid Onsite ticket registration for Digitalk 2023.

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