Content Clinic: Unlock Your SEO Potential

In-person SEO and content marketing consultation
Verto Digital Team
Business Owners
45 minutes

Unlock your full online potential with a custom, 1-to-1 SEO and content marketing consultation from VertoDigital experts.

In 15 minutes, you will discover the tactics employed by your competitors and the resources you need to establish a dominant position in your industry. Take the first step towards better online visibility, schedule your session, and receive your personalized report via email.

VertoDigital is a value-based digital marketing consulting agency for B2B companies supported by the leading technology VC funds.

They provide tailored solutions for analytics, advertising and SEO challenges. 

Please note that the workshop is only available onsite at the Sofia Event Center. To book your spot for the workshop, you must have a valid onsite ticket registration for Digitalk 2023.

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