Workshop: AI: A Groundbreaking Tool for All, with Essential Limits to Know

Join Our Upcoming Workshop to Uncover the Real-World Applications of AI for Non-Tech Experts
Ivan Neshev, Head of the Cloud Cyber Business unit and George Novtekov, Manager Cyber Security at KPMG IT Service
90 mins

In an era where AI shapes the core of innovation across various sectors, understanding its potential beyond the realms of information technology becomes crucial. Join us for a workshop that would offer a unique exploration of how AI and large language models (LLMs) are transforming the professional landscape, making advanced technology accessible to non-IT experts.

Why We're Here: Dive into the practical applications of AI, moving beyond the technical jargon to explore how AI tools like LLMs can serve as invaluable assets in your daily professional tasks.

The Untapped Potential of AI: We'll tackle the intriguing contradiction of AI's disruptive promise versus its actual implementation in industries. Discuss why, despite significant advancements, the transformative power of AI has yet to fully revolutionize traditional sectors.

Reality Check on AI's Limitations: From the challenges in autonomous vehicles and manufacturing automation to the indispensable role of professionals in fields like healthcare, we'll examine the current state of AI, debunking myths and setting realistic expectations about what AI can and cannot do.

Navigating AI's Complex Landscape: Understand the inherent limitations of AI, including issues related to data security, the unevenness of technological advancements, and the critical need for human oversight and ethical considerations.

Practical Demonstrations:

  • ChatGPT for Personal Use: Discover how to leverage ChatGPT in everyday scenarios, laying a solid foundation before integrating AI into your professional life.
  • Microsoft's AI Integration Strategy: Discuss why a tech giant like Microsoft is embedding AI across its product lineup and what it means for the future of professional software tools.
  • Copilot Studio in Action: Get an in-depth look at Copilot Studio, illustrating how it can redefine modern workplace dynamics by simplifying business case resolutions without the need of an IT and AI expert

Engage with AI Today for a Brighter Tomorrow: Our workshop will conclude with a vision of the future, from breaking down language barriers and enhancing data comprehension to supporting talent growth and boosting productivity across all industry fields.

Please note that the workshop is available only live at Sofia Event Center and will not be recorded. To book your spot for the workshop, you must have a valid Onsite ticket registration for Digitalk 2024.

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